Dr. Sameer Hinduja

Dr. Sameer Hinduja

Dr. Sameer Hinduja

Dr. Sameer Hinduja is a Professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida Atlantic University. He works nationally and internationally with the private and public sector to reduce online victimization and its real-world consequences. His research has been featured in hundreds of print and online articles around the world, as well as on radio and TV. He has written three books, with his latest two entitled Cyberbullying Prevention and Response: Expert Perspectives and the award-winning Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard: Preventing and Responding to Cyberbullying (both co-authored with Justin W. Patchin).

His last book: “School Climate 2.0: Preventing Cyberbullying and Sexting One Classroom at a Time” will be available at CES 2014 as well as his new book, Words Wound: Delete Cyberbullying and Make Kindness Go Viral.

Dr. Sameer Hinduja recently did extensive research for the FBI on cyber bullying and sexting.  Read the report.

What will he speak about?

Title of Session: Cyberbullying, Sexting, and Unsafe Social Networking: Identification, Prevention, and Response

This presentation will teach participants to:

• Identify popular online environments among adolescents today
• Understand youth brain development and how it affects online decisions
• Obtain a baseline for what the research says as to the prevalence, scope, and frequency of cyberbullying and sexting
• Understand online social networking as a phenomenon, both psychologically and as it plays out among youth
• Identify how adolescents are misusing social networking web sites and how it can affect their future
• Teach youth how to use social networking responsibly
• Understand the role of youth professionals in responding to cyberbullying
• Understand how non-technological and technological cases have created legal precedent
• Identify the best ways to structure formal policy
• Realize the importance of creative responses
• Recognize how the best ways adolescents can respond when they or others are harmed
• Learn about civil and criminal actions that can be pursued
• Discover ways organizations can assess the problem and implement programming to reduce its prevalence
• Understand how anonymous reporting systems can help
• Realize when and how to informally and formally monitor electronic communications
• Understand what teens themselves can do to safeguard their Internet experiences
• Understand the critical importance of creating and maintaining a positive organizational climate to prevent misbehaviors

This presentation is designed for youth professionals who desire a comprehensive understanding of (and action plan to deal with) cyberbullying, sexting, and unsafe social networking.  Apart from providing foundational information, it will cover relevant legal principles and provide clarity from the courts as to when to intervene in incidents.  In addition, it will share recommendations for formal policy implementation and enforcement, as well as informal responses for all involved.  With regard to prevention, a consistent theme throughout will be that it takes a coordinated effort to shape and enhance the existing social and relational climate within to improve attitudes and behaviors across the organization.  Towards this end, we encourage professionals to marshal the powers of peer influence and social culture to curtail peer conflict, harassment, and other problem behaviors.

Primarily, we will discuss specific, pragmatic climate-based initiatives such as social norming, youth grassroots campaigns, peer mentoring, data-driven action plans, and multi-pronged policy and programming approaches by adults. The overall goal is to enlighten attendees about the tremendous value inherent in a positive climate, not only to enhance achievement, success, productivity, and connectedness, but because it will produce youth who are safe, smart, honest, and responsible both offline and online.

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 Words Wound: Delete Cyberbullying and Make Kindness Go Viral  BookCyberbullyPrevention
 School Climate 2.0  BookBeyondSchoolyard


• Published five books
• Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard: Preventing and Responding to Cyberbullying (2009, Sage Publications) was named “Educator Book of the Year” by Forward Reviews. It is one of the bestselling titles of the Corwin Press imprint of Sage Publications. It was a National Crime Prevention Council Circle of Respect Book Club Selection.
• Has published 35 peer-reviewed journal articles since arriving at FAU in 2004
• “Bullies move beyond the schoolyard: A preliminary look at cyberbullying” (Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice, 2006) is the #2nd most-read article in the journal (April 2013 data)
• “Traditional and Nontraditional Bullying Among Youth: A Test of General Strain Theory” (Youth & Society, 2011) is the #6 most-read article in the journal April 2013 data)
• According to Google Scholar, his research publications have been cited by over 2200 times other peer-reviewed articles as of May 2013
• Co-authored a white paper on cyberbullying for the White House
• Spoken at TEDx
• Inducted into Michigan State University’s School of Criminal Justice Wall of Fame (2012)
• Recipient of Michigan State University’s Distinguished Young Alumni Award (2013)
• Works with the Federal Department of Education (DoE) and State DoEs on cyberbullying and safe social networking
• Research has been featured on numerous local, state, national, and international media programs, including: CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” NPR’s “All Things Considered,” BBC, and The New York Times, to name a few
• Interviewed and cited by hundreds of online and print media
• Have received hundreds of requests for research assistance and copies of papers
• Have personally presented to hundreds of thousands of educators, parents, and youth

In addition, Dr. Hinduja’s interdisciplinary research is widely published in a number of peer-reviewed academic journals. He is a member of the Research Advisory Board for Harvard University’s Internet Safety Task Force, and has given presentations for a range of audiences including Fortune 500 companies, federal law enforcement, school districts, and community organizations.

He received his Ph.D. and M.S. in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University (focus area: computer crime) and his B.S. in Criminal Justice (minor in legal studies) from the University of Central Florida Honors College. At FAU, Dr. Hinduja has won both Researcher of the Year and Teacher of the Year, the two highest honors across the entire university.


Internet safety, use of technology by children and adolescents, cyberbullying, social networking, online privacy, ethics and information technology, cybercrime.

Watch his videos. 

Sameer Hinduja was also featured in the documentary, Submit The Documentary: The Reality of Cyberbullying.

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